109 balls

I’m preparing for the next Action Weaving event – bought 60 kg of scrappy T-shirts to be cut up and stretched  into yarn. There is something in this process that is deeply satisfying – but what? This could be a. making something out of nothing b. creating order from chaos c. I’m just totally nuts but haven’t noticed until now. Anyway, to make a flying start at the Into the Great Wide Open festival I need 200 balls of yarn and 200 T-shirts to be cut op on-site. So far I’ve produced exactly 109 and managed not to cut my fingers. Keep them crossed while I still have them – my rotating cutter blade is extremely dangerous.  Yarn colours are very bright and appealing . So far I’ve used it to knit with and to weave with, wonder if I can use it for doing cross-stitch or embroidery? Questions: what fabric, what needle, what pattern?

I’m not the only one making noise at my house today. I’m surrounded by builders, energetic and busy like ants. Being surrounded by a sea of energy – it’s too too  distracting.