Great quality

Hey – I published a book! My mum wrote the story, I did the layout and the illustrations, too – a skill I developed rather late in life. The booklet is published using the software the good people from Blurb make available, software is called Booksmart and it works like a charm. I very cautiously ordered one book – amazing that the Blurb people do such low numbers – to see what quality paper and binding I would get. Great quality, as it turned out. Even Hester Stafleu, who’s a pro where it comes to bookmaking, was impressed. Paper, binding, all was pronounced good. I did my own proof-reading, then my mum had a go. Corrected the minor issues we spotted, then ordered 9 more books. This little stack now lives in my mum’s sitting room, awaiting the day they will be handed out. I wonder how my aunts and uncles will react – do they share my mum’s memories, or will they have a completely different set? Tricky thing, memory.

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