Under construction

We’ve started building an atelier space for me – how exiting is that? An old shed in our garden – a rather big one – and a healthy savings account gives me the opportunity to realise this project. Exiting! The builders started last monday, and I’ve been unable to do any work for the exitement of it.

They started by tearing the existing structure to parts, which was noisy and dusty and fun. When the upper structure was down I seriously contemplated having the foundations removed as well – add to the lawn and forget about the atelier. For the idea of an atelier goes hand in hand with the idea of work done there – what am I going to do  to merit such a large space? I’ve never had a workspace to myself, and suddenly I became afraid of having one. Fortunately my family is made of sterner stuff: they laughed at me and ordered a large quantity of steel beams, roofing tiles, timber and stuff. So the point of no return has passed ….  O well, I suppose I’ll live ….

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