I’m doing a small booklet – something I have never done before. My mum wrote her life story, my sister typed it out, a friend did some ordering and re-ordering. I got pictures from here, there and everywhere.  Then I filled in the blanks in with illustrations – my mum’s life being very under-photographed. Illustrations turned out pretty good – a new skill added to my repertoire. A trial version of the book was printed by the good people of Blurb, and fell on my doormat this week. I am now trying to get the details right – not my favourite pastime, but I want this done right.  At the moment I am re-doing the floorplans we drew of the houses mum lived in, present plans being illegible in places. Also I need one more picture of my mum’s parents, plus her approval of the trial version, then we’ll go and print copies for the family. Nice!

Blurb printing software is called Booksmart, and it is pretty nice. Only it crashes sometimes, which is a pain as I have to find out which alterations that I made have been saved, and which have been lost. Not much to complain about otherwise – no export capabilities, but that’s to be expected. They give the printing software out for free, so they are entitled to the job of printing it.

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