I finally, finally got fed up with cleaning my comments. For the longest time, I weeded out comments from people trying to sell gold, watches and/or penis extentions. Finding the real comment comments had become a task instead of a joy. So as from today you good people that would like to talk to me via my blog will have to register as a user. No – I won’t abuse your email adresses. Neither will I try to date you, spam you or sell you stuff. I just want to make sure that your valuable comments do not get lost in a sea of advertisements.  So, if you want to talk to me about anything or everything: Register!

The opportunity to register is hidden at the bottom of every blogpost. From the Home page, go to the Blog, open up a blogpost and scroll to the end of the post. Register, wait for a confirmation e-mail, then feel free to critique, comment and share your opinions.

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