Action Weaving

Action Weaving at Vlieland saw more action and more weaving than I had dared hope for. Situated in a lovely wood, a lot of helping hands created a tent-like structure that was used in many ways: as a swing, a maze, a tangle, a hideout, a photo op, a place for hide-and-seek. Pics below show some highlights – it was just great! Kids loved it, but the real stars this time were the grown-ups – I was amazed at the inventiveness and dedication of the over-30 over-40 over-50 participants. Amazing things happen when adults step out of line and play….

‘Nother amazing thing that happened is that Hester Ezra from Butterfly Works adopted the final work, deconstructed it and is taking the threads to the Sahara region of Morocco to be made into a carpet. Hester visited Into the Great Wide Open together with Ibrahim Sbai, founder of a music festival in the Sahara. Ibrahim is one of the people behind the  Taragalte concept, promoting sustainable ways to develop the cultural, social and economic aspects of the region of M’hamid, the last oasis, the door to the Sahara in the south west of Morocco. And I am to go to Morocco to see the carped making done … nice! You can follow the making of the carpet here.



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