They say that a woman’s handbag reflects her personality. I don’t have one – a bag I mean – for I lose them with abandon. I do feel the need to carry stuff with me, though. And through trial and error I found that carrying a backpack works for me: missing its weight on my back serves as a marker that all is not well in my world.

Making and viewing art at a number of places recently, my backpack was full to overflowing. A great moment to find out what kind of woman I am! So I did some determination on my backpack’s content today. An astounding total of 396 items came out – full  inventory to be viewed below.

Preliminary finding: Be Prepared could be my middle name. I’m prepared for making art (scissors,  drawing materials. duct tape), for documenting art (camera, laptop, USB sticks), for mending clothes and treating minor illnesses (sewing kit, medicine bag), for business (calling cards, diary, mobile phone, drivers licence, wallet), for teaching (board markers, tape), for camping (toilet rolls, paper napkins, tentpegs, toiletries, water bottle), for creating memories (stones from the altar of Vulcan at Kassel, circles found on the way), for participating at a festival (directions, program booklet) and for recreation (swimsuit, books). How well prepared can a woman be?

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