Heavvy on the fun factor

This mannekin is Ursus Wehrli who does Kunst Aufraumen – he’s sorting your art, your washing, your christmas tree, your food, yourself.  It was rather weird to find an idea that’s on my to-do list being done by someone else. I was gonna order cars on parking lots, only he did this first. Am I relieved or am I grieving? Do I still do my thing or do I not?  To try and be original may be as outdated as the idea of post-modernism. But still ….

The name Wehrli sounds so furry and funny! Which goes well with the way Wehrli  packages his art –  funny talks on ted.com, a fun book at Amazon a webshop  that makes fun of the icons of modern art. Approaching the line where fun becomes too funny?

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