I have sung the praises of the WordPress people many times these last years. Today for the first time I’ve got something bad to report: I upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1. and my home page – the one with all the little images that is a visual cross-section of my brain – was OUT. A new blogpost simply did not show up there any more. I probed and prodded the software, and tried  everything I could think of and then some, but could not find why the OLD blogs sent their pics to the home page and those written under WP 3.5.1. did NOT. I hate it when I can’t find out where the leak has sprung. Me trying to fix the problem sent my site offline. Having no access to part of my brain makes me very, very nervous.

Fortunately I had the option to restore from backup – last resort, really. And yes, the problem has gone away. Going back to an earlier version of WordPress cannot be a permanent solution, though.  I So I’ll just have to find,  read and digest the developer notes – soooo boring – to find out what they changed that makes my images NOT come up. A thing to be done tomorrow.

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