Went to a Ceramics Biennale in Delft last saturday – a smallish one, as it turned out, but interesting. For Marian Heyerdahl sent an army of terracotta soldiers to Delft, female ones, large as life. They are based on the world-famous terracotta soldiers from the mausoleum of Chinese Emperor Ying Zheng, who took the Chinese throne in 246 BC at the age of 13. Ying  unified a collection of warring kingdoms and took the name of Qin Shi Huang Di – the first Emperor of Qin. During his rule, he standardized coins, weights, and measures; interlinked the states with canals and roads; and is credited for building the first version of the Great Wall. In The Terra-cotta Woman, the warriors from Xian underwent a  role reversal,  for they are pregnant, have breasts, carry infants et cetera. Interesting stuff, and on until June 9th. So: go!


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