Action Weaving at Museon

Did an Action Weaving experiment at Museon a week ago. Very successful! We took a beautiful tree as a starting point, with behind it part of the building by Berlage, Two systems that are very much at odds with each other. One a natural, wayward shape, the other planned and all planes. The weaving we added sits  somewhere in between: made of soft material, constructed by improvisation, but also linear and on a plane.

It was a small-scale experiment, and we learned a lot.

First of all: our business model sucks. No-one payed extra to join the weaving. So a next time needs to be funded from the museum budget not from individual participants.

Second: what we are really studying is the way a group spontaneously works together. Kids set up rules, work together or in spite of each other, check and test work done. In a word, the experiment is about self-organisation.

Third: the yarn, once cut from the tree, made a pretty nice line drawing:

Fourth:  playing with a small mountain of yarn is exiting.




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