Met the elegant lady in the picture below when looking for the Temporary Workspace of the Museum Rotterdam. They promised a knit-and-crochet club this  monday morning, so I went to see what a temporary workspace is like & what people use it. It was fun! Not very crowded – they only just started – but full of ideas and inspiration. The Museum Rotterdam has taken up residence in Rotterdam West, where they use empty shops, windows of houses and whatever comes to hand to explore what it is that gives this Rotterdam neighbourhood its identity. People from Rotterdam are known as go-do-ers – the story is that in Rotterdam, shirts are sold with the sleeves already rolled up. Well, the temporary workshop is meant to explore this dynamism.

Mira came in and fell in love with the T-shirt-yarn. She’s started a circle and means to finish it next friday, when the second (and last) club meeting is.  She’s a champion of arts and crafts in all varieties and sizes, but she’d never done crochet on such a large scale before. I’m sure she is standing in front of her wardrobe as we speak, deciding which T-shirts can be spared for crocheting.

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