Did a second Galaxy workshop yesterday, together with Eveline from PLAY+ART. I came in a bit late, only to find that my Galaxy volunteers had unpicked a large part of the stars they’d been working on. All because their stars were not flat enough: now that their level of competence goes up, their ambition goes up, too. It really touches me to see how proud they are of their star-making skills.

A thing that crops up now is the question of  ownership. The volunteers love the stars they made and would really like to take them home. A thing I totally sympathize with, and would like very much like to allow. For Galaxy purposes, this would not be a smart move, though. If I gave the stars away, we’d never get 50 of them done in time for the show. Also, the volunteers would miss the triumph of having their stars displayed at the Atrium – the The Hague town hall. So I hardened my hart and claimed ownership …….


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