Had To Be Done – Again and Again

Hallelujah! Fixed the bug caused by upgrading to WordPress 3.5 – I lost my lovely thumbnails – not good. Now I’m normally very enthusiastic about the good people at WordPress, but very much less so today.  Tried the following approaches:

– downloaded the latest timthumb script – no dice;
– set all my access rights to rights – no dice;
– tried to find a theme that’s better than Mimbo – no dice, though I really really tried. Improved on my Mimbo layout some, f ex added a slideshow to the widget bar and removed some superfluous text and pages So not a total waste of time – but close;
– almost rolled back to an earlier WordPress version – not a good idea, as this will immobilize my site in time. Want to roll with the WordPress people, they are generally very very good. No upgrade option means no new features ever again;
– took the plunge and changed a few lines of code, as suggested at the wordpress support page. Now I have no idea what this code is about, so taking this action was somewhat scary. But it worked! The fact that I now have to set a featured image for every post in order to generate thumbnails  is something I can and will live with ….. The old posts even kept their thumbnails, mirabile dictu.

Had to be done -again

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