Bitten by the code bug – again.

This is what my life looked like the past week – a serious case of being bitten by the code bug again. I love doing code, but it eats me up. ‘Just checking this’ ends up taking all day, and evening too, and night sometimes. I’m totally happy  doing code – why I ever stopped doing this for a living beats me – and my family puts up with my distractedness and weird hours. Must not over-do this thing though.

Have at present created a working prototype an app called geloof in jou that can be used to speed-date with religion. A  stack of cards – the young intern did the fantastic drawings – that the player can swipe right (this has meaning for me) or left (no meaning). An intricate algorithm keeps score, detects cheating and finally tells the player what kind of religious do-er he or she is. The thing isn’t about what your religious preferences and beliefs are, but abouthow you believe : what things you do or don’t do and how you connect to other people. I love it …


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