So we had a last Galaxy day yesterday. It was pretty quiet, which was nice. Gave Eveline and me some time to reflect on the whole adventure. Bottom line: very much worth our while, to be continued. First in Zaltbommel – where I am already contracted to do 4 workshops – then maybe at Museum Rotterdam. I went to one of their open-door workshops and made some friends.

Ultimately, our goal is to lay Galaxy under the real Starry Night painting. Which lives at MoMa in New York …. We also decided that (next time) we’d organise the workshops differently. We need more helping hands, for we were run off our feet during the workshops. We had close to 200 kids in al. That is 200 The Hague households that are busy crochet-ing as we speak: a lot of people left with the resolve to cut up some T-shirts at home and continue their projects.

Some more points:

  1. yarn making was contagious
  2. crocheting a little more difficult to master than I had thought (my kids must be unusually gifted ;)
  3. kids really really want to take stuff home – something I can identify with but also something that does not allow for Galaxy to grow
  4. average time spent by workshop participants about 2 ! hrs
  5. made snakes – kids did the tails  and made mice – ditto. To be continued?

Below is a pic of the Helpful Teenagers counting the Galaxy stars. We made 70 ! in all, which is 27 ! m2. Amazing!

Galaxy Counting Stars_kl

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