Worth the effort

Been working on a small  stop-motion film today, as an alternative for the Galaxy video material. Here’s the result:  Galaxy seen from above – I do think it was worth the effort!

Later: worked on the YouTube video to see if I could find a way to control the ‘full screen’ button.  For on a small screen the .wmv movie looks ok, but full screen looks  hideous. I do understand that the YouTube people need to compress my videos, but their algorithms really spoofed my material. The black bands around the video could be missed as well.  No dice, though … YouTube has its own promotion well in hand.

I then experimented with:

– Power Point : great quality, unwieldy file size
– a number of PPT to Flash programs: not-so-great quality
– stop-motion software from a number of supplieres: unsatisfactory

Finally I solved my problem by making an uncomplicated animated GIF using Microsoft GIF Animator: a not-so-great working  interface but resulting in good image quality. Then uploaded the GIF (21 MB) to my site, and voila! Soooo much better!

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