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Have been sidetracked by a code issue  – as from WordPress 3.7 my thumbnails were doing weird things. I could not get them to display in the posts added after I upgraded. Had a workaround – if I added ‘featured images’ to my post I had a workaround. But my categories then stopped displaying thumbnails for posts sans featured images. Bother!

So I spent the better part of today to fix the issue. Not being a PHP pro, this kind of thing takes time – but I solved the problem by neatly inserting a if/then/else clause: if featured image then display its thumbnail, if no featured image then display thumbnail of first image in post. Took me a while to get the syntax right ;)

Next on my to-do list for code is to resurrect my ‘visual index’ page. Am almost there, only the thumbnail size is wrong & have not found a way to correct it yet. Using the {the_post_thumbnail(‘mycustomsize’)} command, but the display isn’t as I specified for ‘mycustomsize’ in functions.php. My eyes are starting to water, so time to go do something else ;).


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