Narrow escape for the color orange


I’m at the house of  a friend in Scotland, pampering and being pampered in turn, and doing some work as well. My friend heads a most intriguing innovation lab, we went there and had an extrordinary talk about (amongst other things) my work. Seen through other peoples  eyes it takes on new meaning. Did not realise I’d done quite a lot in the 3 1/2  years since leaving art school. Given my morale a boost. Working with Eveline from PLAYART has certainly given my work a boost, too.

The inevitable sight-seeing included garden-seeing, my favourite kind. Lots of daffodils still in flower here. We visited the stately home of the Brodie of  Brodie, where the umptieth Laird was a great daffodil  breeder. He made the daffs with orange trumpets happen from one bulb he got  sent by a friend. Who managed to lose the bulb’s three sisters to a daffodill disease, then died. Narrow escape for the color orange.



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