New pattern

Anker workshop 07 Did a workshop last Tuesday with the leaders of Het Anker, a church group in my home town Zaltbommel. It was an experimental setup trying out the idea of  ‘thinking with one’s hands’ – accessing other parts of the brain while having a group discussion about the  church community and its future.   I taught the group the  techniques of yarn making, knitting and crochet-ing, and colleague  Lenneke Licht facilitated the discussion.Anker workshop 01 It was a succesful experiment, rather  – lots of energy and perseverance present. I especially liked the part where I got to crochet the Holy Spirit . The red flecks (see detail below) depict the Holy Spirit in a church that has gone from very heavvy (black and dark blue) to more enlightened (light blue to white). The red+orange+pink bit near the upper left hand corner depicts the merger with another Protestant church that is on the books –  the back side equals the process of merging with its bumpses and loose ends, the front side the much smoother situation when the merger will be completed. Anker workshop 06Anker workshop 05 I took the pieces home and merged them into a small tapestry that is to be presented to the group next Sunday.

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