Deep and Dangerous

Everdien Breken lino cut

So I’ve been away from the blogging for awhile, doing holiday things. And when the holiday things were finished there was lots and lots and lots of ordering, sorting and throwing away to be done – my studio a shambles. Stumbled over a cache of things left over from art school. Dusted them, looked them in the eye, then let go. Just one thing I will keep, a  lino-cut that I will frame and hang on the wall. It isn’t half bad, either.

And now for something completely different: in two weeks time I’ll be participating in an open-studio-art-route exercise named Kunst Kiezel Klei.  I am a bit nervous about it, but doing an open-studio is on my bucket list so there is no bowing out of this thing.

Making a list is a Deep and Dangerous thing, I find ….

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