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Went to Berlin for a week  & had a good time. The little girl got to do some shopping, we went to a few galleries and a history museum, and one palace plus garden (SansSouci in Potsdam). Pic  below is a modern image of der alter Fritz who caused  SansSouci to be built. This palace is the most beautiful example of Rococo I ever saw, the first palace I’ve ever really wanted to live in…..  Small – as palaces go – and complete in every detail. Voltaire had his own room there ;)

Alter Fritz

One question surfaced – why had I no enthusiasm for visiting art museums? I cycled past any number of them, and only registered a passion for passing them by. Am I getting fed up with art? Or is it an unwillingness to look at any more? Berlin street life constantly feeds one with images, anyway. Witness the obscene one below.


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