Foldable tree

lapjesboom orglapjesboom ontwerp 01


Working on a clooty tree – the above is an example.  They are traditionally found near springs or wells and people often dip pieces of cloth in the water of the holy well and then tie them to a branch while saying a prayer to the spirit of the well. In modern times this is usually a saint but in pre-christian times it would have been a Goddess or local nature spirit [link]

I need two clooty trees for the Heilige Huisjes exhibition I’m working on. The idea is that people can leave comments, ideas and insights written on paper or cloth and ty them to the tree. My ideal tree is (in  no particular order):

a. durable
b. lightweight
c. foldable
d. attractive
e. tall

Started with the idea of using cardboard + papier mache. Did some scale models, but not one of them appealed. Some nice but not foldable, some take-apart-able but not nice. Then used wooden sticks which gave a nicer shape. but would be difficult to make and heavvy.

HH lapjesboom mockup  01 HH lapjesboom mockup  03 HH lapjesboom mockup  04 HH lapjesboom mockup  05

Then, a few days ago, I did a workshop at a local thrift shop where participants dumpster-dived for treasure. It was there I stumbled across a snake – not making this up here, apparently I’m meant to make a tree of knowledge of good and evil – that is made from steel wire and fiberfill with a knitted skin. Snake was lightweight, foldable and durable. Bingo! Took the idea and developed into a small tree – a very promising one! I purchased lots of steel wire, an entire roll of fiberfill, and will score Tshirts tomorrow at the Sort BV premises. Then all I need is a good support – a base – and I’m good to go. Lots of cutting, sewing and bending in my near future now. Promise to give a step-by-step account.

IMG_4878[1]HH lapjesboom mockup  06



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