Remote option


This is Dokkum, a small Friesian town we visited on our sailing holiday. It is the very first holiday I did not use my Nikon camera – my constant friend forever. I did carry it on board but never used it, my Iphone both doing a good job and fitting into my trouser pocket and giving me more pixels per image.

The Iphone also has the intriguing option of making panoramas, an option I’m presently exploring for a series about Dutch fortified towns. There are  155 fortified cities in the Netherlands, including a submerged one ( fancy visiting that!). Then we have 2 fortified villages that  never got around to having a city charter but were fortified nevertheless.  So 157 places to visit in all – quite a challenge. The list getting longer is a remote option – fortunately.

Panorama’s do strange and intriguing things with lines, witness the examples below.

Leeuwarden_kl Dokkum_6500_kl



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