oude Nikon_kl

Ok, it is official: I have a new photo camera.

When doing the photography for ‘Heaven and Earth‘  I had a narrow escape when enlarging pictures to poster size. My camera’s  image size isn’t ideal for this, it does 3008 x 2000 which is more than enough for normal use. But not for large scale printing.

Loes – who did the design for the posters – chanced it, and we had to throw away one poster and one only because the pixels were visible there. Don’t know how she managed to do the others ok,  but I consider it a major feat.

Me not being a great fan of narrow escapes, I decided on a new camera. The old one (in the image) has been my true friend since 2006, so I decided to go for Nikon again. Did some research, found the D800 that has a gorgeous 4800 x  3200 pixel size. Then shopped around & found a good second-hand one on ebay in a price range I can afford. My new baby was delivered yesterday and I’ve been trying it out ever since. It’s really nice and solid in my hands, and it makes the loveliest clicking sound I ever heard. It comes with a lot of options I haven’t the foggiest about – so: playtime!

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