A few images from my recent Lisbon trip. First two are taken at Sintra – very beautiful spot half an hour’s train ride from Lisbon. The Castle of the Moors was in ruins when a king of Portugal decided to restore it as a Romantic Ruin – well done you,  Ferdinand II of Portugal!

The next two images are graffiti –  subtle and with a gentle humor – like the Lisbon people themselves.

Last pic is of the Gocar car we rented for a day. Posted so as to remember the great fun to be had drive through  small and smaller and smallest streets. Trying to find our way (not easy) also trying not get stuck (no reverse on car). The little girl’s map reading skills left something to be desired, so we ended up in strange places. Which was fun in and by itself ;) Car talked to us whenever we managed to be at a landmark, a nice idea to be kept in mind for future art projects.

Sintra 02

Sintra 01 Sintra 03Sintra 04Gocar

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