Now this image might be a bit unexpected – since when is Everdien interested in beef boning? Well … ever since I got invited to a sausage-making-workshop, and decided to attend. I grew up in a butchery, and I’ve seen more than my normal share of animals being turned into sausages and whatnot. Since I was expected to work alongside of my parents, there were many tasks I had to do  – many, many tasks for little Everdien, from cleaning the display cases to washing up zillions of containers and plates t helping out when slaughtering. And yes, it all came back to me during the workshop.

Nostalgia only goes so far – I have absolutely no interest in turning back the clock. But the sausages we made are very, very good! And it is indeed different to eat a sausage that one can relate to a specific pig leg. The workshop also proved that I’m no more squeamish than I used to be when much younger.

We had lunch at the butchery. Great rillette, Tbone, blood pudding ….. this butcher really knew his meat! I’m planning to buy one of his ready-for-the-oven chicken for Christmas – free-range and sumptuous.


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