Went boating yesterday on the small tugboat we have in Zaltbommel habor – we do a circuit of the Bommelerwaard area where we live every year. It’s always the same: first we take the river Waal downstream, at Castle Loevestein we switch to the Maas upstream, back to the Waal at the St Andries sluice, then downstream to Zaltbommel again. Takes us approximately eight hours, and yes, we do live on an island. Which is something we don’t very often think about.

Taking our tugboat on the river Waal is like riding a tricicle on a highway – it can be done, but is best done with extreme caution. Lots of working vessels on the Waal, and they get bigger every year. Where, seen from a distance, all people can see of our little craft is our Dutch flag.

The the little tugboat is a charming little thing- witness the fact that every time we take it out of harbor we meet with people wanting to buy it. And sometimes when in harbor, too. Its engine – an original Lister – has a sound like a heartbeat: very soothing.

Brug Zaltbommel zw kl

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