I’ve  just finished training a group of sixteen people in Utrecht – an activity I greatly enjoy. Our subject was project management, and we had a good time and quite a few laughs sorting and organising organisational problems into managable projects. We interspersed the training with a number of soft-skills training exercises – great fun all in all.

Walking through the beautiful inner city of Utrecht is a pleasure in and by itself.  Utrecht got started in Roman times, and has gotten more layered and more interesting ever since.  On my way I walked past the Utrecht Archives and noticed their photo exhibition: Cityscapes –  a number of photographers’ take on the city of Utrecht – on until Oct 2nd.

Walking back to the station I dropped in on the exhibition – and was glad I took the time. Seeing the city through other people’s eyes is an opportunity not to be missed. Also,  quite a few play with differences of scale, which I find interesting.

I especially liked the work of Gerco de Ruijter, who attaches  his camera to a kite and makes landscape pictures that are also abstracts. This is, of course, a thing made possible by the unique flatness of the Dutch landscape – I have often wondered if living in a flat land makes one experience three-dimensional space in a different way. I know that I myself think in terms of flatness, and am always a little surprised when in hilly or even mountainous terrain – I have to re-calibrate my internal representation under such circumstances.


stadsgezichten-02 stadsgezichten-03 stadsgezichten-04

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