Doing research on Mesdag at the moment – he was a multifaceted man: painter, family man, networker, art bigwig. Which sparked off an idea that was on my mental shelf for a while: do a series of photo’s on duch art bigwigs. For starters I used a magazine called ‘Interieur – The Ultimate Dutch Design Magazine’. What’s in a name, huh? The magazine had a feature about museum directors and surrounded them with iconic design.

So today I tried to give the bigwigs an iconic halo and photograph them with it. As I noticed the reflections of spotlights on a glossy magazine, I first I tried to create the halo with a spotlight . This did not work out well yet, but I’m going to keep trying.

I did come up with something else, though, thanks to a timely suggestion from my external memory. I gave them a circle using a circular cut-out from the Photo book experiment[Japan]. So now a japanese photographer is photographing my halo’ed  icons – this points towards the true function European countries will have in future, which is to provide people from Asia with photo opps.

Anyway, the results are not to be sneezed at. The photos even started to look like designs for bank notes, which is definitely another irony. Lost the light early today, so the ladies are a little blue. Will redo them tomorrow :)


icons-serie-1-kl-01icons-serie-1-kl-03 icons-serie-1-kl-04 icons-serie-1-kl-05 icons-serie-1-kl-06 icons-serie-1-kl-07

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