Making an Art Exhibition

Below is one of my collegues at the Art of Making Art Exhibitions, looking at Building the new Harbour at Enkhuizen (1895-1896) by Hendrik Willem Mesdag. It hangs as part of the Mesdag Collectie in the once-private-now-public museum in the Hague. Team dKvhTM16-17 met there for the first time last wednesday – exiting! The team is charged with the task to put together an exhibition to be shown in the Mesdag’s former private residence sometime in the fall of 2017.

Hendrik Willem Mesdag was fascinated by the sea. He did lots and lots of seascapes with fishing vessels – I do think he went a little over the top here, witness the results below of a Google search using ‘Mesdag schilderij’.

It is a little surprising, in view of his favourite subject, to find that Mesdag wasn’t very fond of harbours. In his time, the Scheveninger fishermen beached their boats, by necessity as they did not have a harbour until 1904. Mesdag grumbled about the new harbour, finding the beaching process much more picturesque I think. Anyway, when he did paint the one harbour, he went to Enkhuizen to do it. dkvht-01mesdag-gegoogled

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