Stretching the envelope

Last week the dKvhT program took me to Willem Baars Projects in Amsterdam. Mr Baars – who is an art dealer, an art valuer, anart writer, and a very forceful personality – had work by the Japanese/American minimalist Tadaaki Kuwayama on view,  ‘the last living minimalist’. It was a white cube filled with art that denies the human hand in works of art – the net effect was chilling.  Art about art and painting about painting- when have we experimented with that enough?

Afterwards we went to the Hermitage, who have an exhibition about the Romanov family and the October Revolution of 1917.  They did interesting things with music (sacre du printemp) and lighting (from normal to red to blue). I’m sure the Rijksmuseum would never do this :)  but at the Hermitage they stretch the envelope a little. Nice! Willem Baars Projects 01 Willem Baars Projects 02 Willem Baars Projects 04

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