Knit and Knot

Knit and Knot 01This young lady is no acquintance of mine – she’s the figurehead for the ‘Knit and Knot’ tradeshow I went to a week ago. Which was an opportunity to meet with Eveline again, the friend and collegue that I did quite a few art projects with. Together we developed the idea of making yarn from old T-shirts. This evolved (amongst others)  into the Action Weaving and Galaxy projects. Eveline and me went looking for new things to be done with yarn – we’ve done knitting , weaving and crochet-ing, and  I am very much afraid that lace-making or macramé is in our stars …..  for Knit and Knot did not give us an alternative option.

Came away with the idea that if the energy woman spend on handycrafts could be harnassed to electricity production, we might need no wind- and water powered machines any more. Knit away – and use inventive new yarns like the ones made from algae.

It would be great to do a project with Eveline again. We’ve been discussing storytelling (re/expats and refugees are her new focus) and the listening chairs might be a good idea for that. To be continued!

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