Nailed to the floor

WIlliam Kentridge 02

For the first time ever, I was completely bowled over by a work of art – More Sweetly Play the Dance by William Kentridge at the Louisiana Museum a little north of Copenhagen. Went there by chance – was on my way to visit the Maritime Museum at Helsingfors because one of the people we visited for ‘the Art Of …’ had designed the interior there. Decided to make the Louisiana our first stop because I thought daughter would like the Kentridge animations.

We never made it to the Maritime Museum, as Kentridge managed to fill my mind completely. On seven huge screens, a processon of men and woman pass, each burdened with his or her own destiny and desires, all accompanied by a merry brass band. Advertised as a danse macabre it is also light and humorous, and Kentridge plays shadow shapes in a brilliant way. I was nailed to the floor …..  daughter loved it, too, which is telling.

William Kentridge 05 William Kentridge 07

Some Kopenhagen pictures that I took – the Kentridge influence clear, I think

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