Went to Voorlinden – again – to show it to a dear friend. It was – again – a magical experience! Inbetween the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, there is this quiet oasis devoted to art, architecture and landscaping-gardening. Re-visited Martin Creed, this time his performance ‘Work No 850’ was on – runners that sprint in the museum ‘as if their lives depend on it‘. Funny and slightly weird to become a museum exhibit while running. Also, when the running is done in a museum, it is different. Greek statues of athletes come to mind ;) Also had time to notice that Work no 1000 – the 1000 broccoli prints – was hung poorly – the prints should have been regimented, but a lot of them were off their line. Bad, this, for an artist that lines up everything between cactuses and cars.

Had time and concentration to look at the other temporary exhibition this time: The Meantime. It deals with the phenomena of clock time and inner time. Liked the work ‘Babel On’ by Gayle Janzow – a tower of pillows, nicely color-coordinated. Wonder if she made the pillows, or found them – the uniformity of size and the colors suggests that she made them. Hard to keep one’s hands off. Time spent dreaming is the link to the exhibition’s theme, and textiles are ‘a metaphor for the fragility of the body and the strength of the mind‘. Who comes up with this kind of blurb? Truth to tell, I did not have to read the catalogue, but I did – and it irritated me.

Note: want to visit ‘Kairos Castle’ in Castle Gaasbeek in Belgium. They have an exhibition on that is also about time, Kairos being the god of ‘the opportune moment’. That is an idea of time that is both ancient and very much of today.

Kairos Castle is an exhibition on ´the opportune moment´, with Dutch philosopher and author Joke Hermsen as curator. We know Chronos as the time that we have. But who also knows his grandson Kairos, the god of ´the opportune moment´, who provides unexpected insights and offers new opportunities? He interrupts measurable time and represents all those inspired moments of beauty and vigour that make life intense. Kairos is the time that we are.




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