Precious Plastics – I have been roped into the movement started by Dave Hakkens, graduate of the famous Design Academy in Eindhoven. A nephew with more time than money made me an offer I could not refuse – me having more money than time ….  he is now building the machines shown below.  So exiting! 

I have re-connected with Eveline (we did a few projects together) to start thinking about applications. For example: clean up an neighborhood with a community group, and use the plastic that will be collected to do workshops to show what good things can come from melting plastic. I know we should have gone about this the other way around – first think of applications, then go make the machinery – but in this case I did not care. Also the Nephew’s window of opportunity is nov dec 2017 and jan feb march 2018, so we had to move. 

It will be nice to revives my enthousiasm for melting plastic – I used to do this a lot –  and will get to do this again! This time I’ll have more options to play with than using a blowtorch – nice! 


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