This is Goatman, designer Thomas Thwaites who took a holiday from being human – don’t we all  harbour the desire to exit the confines of body and mind at times – and lived like a goat. He kept this up for six days!  I wonder what he did for food and shelter, also am curious how he managed to defecate. I’ve ordered the book and  hope to be able to satisfy my curiosity – curiosity a prime mover in my life – a good thing I am sure, can also be embarrassing sometimes. 

Anyways, the Goatman was on show at Boijmans ‘Change the System’ exhibition. I went with a dear friend last week and was underwhelmed – a few  interesting things, but also a lot of stuff that should not see the insides of a museum yet, or maybe: ever.  I like Victor and Rolf, but their dresses made from reclaimed materials aren’t their best effort, and just how this thin trickle of re-use  is going to save the world was left very much to our own imaginations. 

I went to see the ‘precious plastic’ machines that I took to be on show, for I will soon be the proud part-owner of these plastic recycling tools. No machines, but photograps, which was a let-down.  Also some examples of stuff made with recycled plastic. This whole plastic thing is going to be fun! 

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