Let’s have a look at mountains again. I found some memorable words in my weekly issue of Volkskrant Magazine. Thank you, Wieteke van der Zeil!

‘Ask people about their favorite mountain, and what you get is insight into their way of looking at the world. Mountains are like reflectors, they reflect our mood and makeup, as if the nympf Echo still resides in it.” “We are busy and small, the mountain is big, quiet and patient. Ideal echo material.” “It will speak volumes about me that I chose these: the mountains of Georgia O’Keeffe, the well-known American female modernist” ” …. not so much interested in the mountain, but the road towards it, along it, and what is behind it…. .”

These snippets made me think about the Dutch landscape: there is a lot to go towards, but nothing to go along of, and especially: nothing behind.

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