Dutch Mountains

‘Brilliant Orange’  (which is about  Dutch football, really) has a whole chapter about how  “Dutch space is different”, quoting Rudi Fuchs and a number of other authorities. Leaving out the bits about football, I’m researching the ‘calibrating distances from the horizon’ bit  by photographing horizons broken up by small mounds, see pics below.

A thing that bothers me is that the book doesn’t give a source for the quote.  Can’t find it by Googling it, either. As I am nothing if not thourough, I’m presently working through a book of Fuchs’ collected writings in search of the elusive lines. Among Artists is a tome,  but an interesting one. Even though it treats ‘art’ and ‘painting’ as if they were synonyms. And even though artists are men, witness the  byline on page 145 (my translation): “He [Clement Greenberg, another art critic] talks about painting and artists as if they are outside of history, as if they don’t live in cities where they meet with other people, other artists, also with poets, musicians, women, actors “.

Virtue (of a sort) is its own reward here, as Fuchs writes a lot of useful stuff about Dutch Mountains, a series of works by Jan Dibbets and also the working title for my photo series 

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