Have not blogged for a while – the urge wasn’t there and I decided to quietly wait ’till it returned. Which happened today , and was inspired by a visit to the Kunstmuseum Den Haag last week to see Monet’s water lillies. If he could spend 30 years of his life painting his pond and the light and colours in it and around it, who am I to stop blogging after 10 yrs? So I installed photoshop on my new laptop – my old one met with an accident during the summer holiday – and went through the images on my phone.

One of the things that struck me about Monet was that the water lily paintings, while great, did not impress me like the wisteria paintings did. This may be caused by the fact that I have no pond and therefore no water lilies, but I am the prowd owner of two wisterias that I have been pruning this week. I help their leaves to fall and correct their growth, all the while daydreaming about next april when the long blue rhytmic threads of colour will emerge. So dear to me were they that I tried to materialise them in the form of diamond painting with the help of 5d diamond painting kits that I’d brought. It turned out to be satisfactory. 

Now I’ve been trying and trying to photograph wisteria in bloom, but not to much  success. Even though the shape of the flower is very characteristic,  my photo’s up until now have not caught the essential wisteria-ness. I noticed that Monet shapes the light around the flowers as carefully as he shapes the flowers themselves – there may be something in that … 

Now that I’m planning to take Monet as a source of inspiration, I will also be referencing his sources, mainly stuff from Japan. His house at Giverny was filled with Japanese woodcuts and drawings, like this one by Ryusen from around 1843. 

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