Rain or shine

Now that it’s almost Christmas I started doing christmassy things.  Plenty of time to do them in too, as I have done my last training course of the year a few days ago and my present art project is very forgiving as for time.

My tradition is to make a christmas table outside – it can be seen and admired  from my studio, from the kitchen and from the living room. A source of light in the nasty, brutish and short days of December ;)

This year I incorporated water – two square containers of 80 x 40 cm. Glass christmas balls float on the surface, giving the impression of being bubbles. Looks very nice on rainy days – which we have a lot of. Then there are candles in glass containers showing flames below the surface of the water, very fairy-like at night. So this table decoration is interesting rain or shine, and it has lifted my spirit to a remarkable degree ….

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