No glue needed

In the spirit of Christmas I am giving one of my works away today. As a rule, I don’t give people things that have to be displayed on walls or shelves, but I have a friend I visit museums and art exhibition with, and I think (hope?) she’ll enjoy this one. Also it will spur me on to make a new series – I have plenty of circles – as I am sure I will miss this work. Cannot kill this particular darling, but giving it away is a good second.

In order to give it away in style I even made a cardboard box where all the blocks fit in nicely. Took me half a day to figure out the best way to shape, fold and assemble it, but I am nothing if not persistant, and art school taught me that details matter. So there – I now know how to make a cardboard box with broad edges on two sides and small edges on the others. No glue is needed, I count that as a small victory …..

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