Don’t know if it is true, but the slogan appealed to me, the “cofffee solves everything’ statement at EKWC. This being the European Ceramics Work Center in Oisterwijk that I visited last week. They have exellent coffee,  and I got to drink two cups …. what bliss :). Parsimonious me deducted the price of two coffees from the price of the tour (every thursday at 13.30, Euro 14.50) and came up with a problem-free price for the tour proper. Which, by the way, was fab – see below for some examples of what is on show.

The artists and the kilns are ‘on’  24 hrs a day and time passes without being noticed, we were told.  Working at EKWC may be getting as close to nirvana – the Buddhist state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self –  as I’ll ever get. Hmm … I wanna go …. 

Two problems though: a. how to fold in ceramics into my present research and b. how to fund this. A residency costs a hefty € 1960,20 a week for a period of 12 weeks, then add costs for materials, 3D printing, milling, kiln hours, &cet. I’d have to find Euro 25.500,-  somewhere, and I don’t have that kind of money laying around . More coffee drinking won’t exactly solve this one, either. They do have a grant option, which would reduce the funds needed considerably. They also do workshops and masterclasses – would be wise for me to focus on these first I think. 

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