Delicate balancing

Museum Schiedam, january 17th – went to see the exposition ‘Magic collages’ based on the works collected by Belgian patron of the arts Geert Verbeke. The Schiedam museum crammmed its very beautiful town-house-become-museum with goodies, as usual. Restricted myself to the collages (one floor) and the Rothko (one room) that they let you see one-on-one, meaning that one gets a 10 minute time slot and is allowed to commune with the Rothco in stately and single silence. 

From the collages exhibition I especially liked the video where Verbeke talks about his life and his passion for collage. Verbeke is an entrepreneur who has built a ‘collage’ of businesses – his interest in art started when one of his companies was asked to move some art around. From this beginning springs his single-minded devotion to Belgian artists who do collage  … f  I found the works by André Stas (1983) very inspirational –  have just realised that I his delicate balancing of strips of material comes back in the tapestry I am presently working on ….. interesting that I did not see this before starting this blogpost :)


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