Been to Kinderdijk – iconic, unesco world heritage, no more than 40 km from home. I did see it before, but never as part of a long walk along the river. It came home to me how very much the windmill area is embedded in the urban sprawl of Rotterdam – I chose my vantage points very carefully in order to photograph windmills only.

In this way, photography lies.

We were the only ones at Kinderdijk, which is extremely unusual. For it is a must-see for hundreds of thousands of tourists over the year, normally.

Am starting to notice the typical dike houses more and more – houses that cling to the dike in front, and have great views from their backs. For they are situated above anything and everything built in the polders that their dikes surround, uniquely so in a country that has very little high-and-low.

Some dike houses at Kinderdijk have windmill views from the back and have created windmill views in front – never enough of a good thing, nice!

The amateur image makers have no theory – and no shame – which I like. It is a mindset I think I have lost – always second-guessing myself.

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