Windmills in my head became windmills on fabric. How is it that there is always this gap between the thing I think I will make and the thing that I end up making?  Stuff always has a mind of its own. Pretty nice to work with fabric again, though.

Now that I’ve finished the fun part (see above and below) I must go and do the boring part – making the top into a real-life cushion. Which neccessitates me finding out how making buttonholes works. Boring…..

For the record pics of the various steps of the windmill-making process:

1. make paper sample to work out proportions

2. Make cardboard sample to work out precise measurements

3. Choose fabrics (exiting!)

4. Cut parts and assemble

5. Drop a hand ful of woollen leftovers on the top by accident and see that this looks good. Brainwave: wool is to be water i.e.  ‘nature’,  cotton is windmills i.e. ‘culture’. Cut wollen waves and water strips. Change mind about colours and cut new waves.

6 Lock woolen parts and sew them on. Voila! Now wash the tops, make the back thingies and attach.


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