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Frame (me) Patience The issue of religion – way, way behind Kissing frogs Knowledge Re-ordering Such is life Jeff Wall on mimesis: Visual Art Research.com Storing, retrieving, retaining…. To visit Futures Heaven and Earth To be continued Idling along
Conversation Banksy circle Dove circle, Dam square Special effects Subtle Hop-scotch at St Martinusbridge Dancers Algorithmic approach and free-form play Postpone Receipe About Rotterdam Possessed by Polaroids Geo-poems Points: bridges between movements
About the lab Tropenmuseum – the Dono Code Raedecker at GEM den Haag Senses Steep learning curve today Virtual fingers crossed Bewigged Get Over It Archive Access Treasure Another move Galaxy in motion The Linen Closet Indulgence
Booked Wealth Circles, again – Kinderdijk mei 2011 Reconstituted La Hollande est tout plat Eggs interface Context Inventarisation 02 Snowdrop collection Transitions Sexy Fotoblog update Captured Sublime
Homo Ludens at GEM den Haag Party Tulip mania, time conscious Marry The wind rises St. Martinusbridge Street Game Passed! Confusion Boating Formula Venice Stedelijk 2 – Disappointed – Amsterdam maart 2011 Somatic knowledge and the body as a ‘slow mind’ Spatial surprises and city safari’s
Register! Moving Progress! Van Eyck at Bertelmanplein Van Eyck at Durgerdam Study in contrasts Building Ricardo Basbaum: obstacles Drawing what my work is about Spatial imagination – Utrecht May 2012 Posters Experiment 005/2010:  eye moving from point to point Game Room Inventarisation no 04
Tulip Gold New Zealand Sins Top-10 of un-touchable art If only The relevance of the beautiful Tried Embroidered Circles at Jaarbeursplein My Linen closet Van Eyck play furniture Visible Notions of ‘self’ What Comes Up Must Go Down – Again: London july 2012

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