If you don't write it down, it never happened

Lab work today

September 30th 2009

Today I did some work at the lab.  For reasons I will post a blog about shortly I became real interested in labyrinths and mazes. I wanted to try one out for size, so I took some painters tape and taped a try-out maze on the floor of my atelier. 'Atelier not big enough' was my conclusion.  Silly joke popped into my head. It's about Adam and Eve being thrown out of Paradise and discovering the joys of the flesh. They are standing there, making out  [.....]

What goes around comes around

October 28th 2016

The not-so-little-girl is on holiday this week, and we've spent some quality time together. Actually, I hate the concept of 'quality time' - parenting, like life, is 'what happens while you’re making other plans.' Anyway, we tend to do stuff that creates a  lot of mess and a lot of fun. And sometimes the results aren't half bad, either. Today's experiment was tie-dy - yes, what goes around comes around. We've tried using food colorant, which was a failure as it washed out when rinsing. So today we used honest-to-god  [.....]


December 2nd 2016

Done more walking in Amsterdam last wednesday - nice! On my way from Van Gogh Museum to Scheepvaartmuseum I noticed the poster below. Striking - and with the astounding text 'I have HIV and God loves me'. Now who would want to advertise this? Is this a Dutch we are so very open about everything thing? Checked the 'net, and this poster is part of a campaign by hello gorgeous, a dutch foundation that aims to lift the stigma on HIV. They do a magazine, a website  [.....]


November 6th 2010

Ever seen a sticky gnome? I made an experimental one  about a year ago. At the time I was trying to make the worst work of art I could think of, hoping this would help clarify my ideas about art. My question was: what makes a work good. or bad. or downright ugly? Stuck it in the garden afterwards, then forgot all about it. Until today, that is. I was moving the potted plants into the shed (we are soon to have frost), and there it  [.....]