If you don't write it down, it never happened

Chaos and order.

May 25th 2013

Having done an Action Weaving tryout at Museon den Haag left me with a small mountain of tangled threads. Last time, at Vlieland, I donated the leftovers to Carpet of Life: they took the tangle with them to the Taragalte to make a carpet. This time I took the tangle home, and it sat in my studio for a while. Yesterday I was badly in need of something soothing to do, so I decided to do some un-tangling. Call me stupid, but there are days I  [.....]


July 14th 2015

Found a note in my diary reminding me to have a look at a Ted talk bij Ken Robinson about rethinking education. Found time today to do so. Interesting stuff! Mr Robinson connects arts  with aesthetic experience with  senses operating at their peak with being fully alive. So art can make us come fully alive? Again, interesting. Then again, I tend to think of art as an intellectual stimulus as well as a stimulation for the senses. A cryptic crossword done in images. As for the alive thing: I'm sure I feel more alive than  [.....]


June 9th 2016

In my last post I did a tongue-in-cheek inventory of my garden's features. Today I walked around, camera in hand, to substantiate my claims. Here goes: - We're in an old town, so we could be a town garden; - We have walls all around, so we could be a walled garden; - We have a balcony covered with creepers so we could be a hanging garden; - We have an orangery  (yes, really!) with a number of citrus trees and palms  so we could be a mediteranian garden; - We  [.....]

Top-10 wordpress plugins for art blog lovers

November 17th 2011

In working this blog I rely on a number of nifty Wordpress plugins. I promised myself that one day I'd list the ones that I find useful. Today is the day! Before starting on the plugins, I need to explain about my blog a little. It is styled Everdien's external memory, and it works much like my real brain does. There is lots of stuff here, heaped, stacked, piled  and thrown into corners . The trick is to retrieve, access and replay ideas, memories and random  [.....]