If you don't write it down, it never happened


May 15th 2010

The little girl kept count of the buttons we made yesterday. I found her list this morning: 49 lila, 42 purple, 50 green and 51 yellow. Worth preserving, I thought, so here it is.  [.....]


September 19th 2011

The word "algorithm" has an interesting past. Here's a quote from S. Schwartzman's The Words of Mathematics:   algorism (noun), algorithm (noun), algorist (noun): these words come from the now-quite-distorted name of a person, Ja'far Mohammed Ben Musa, who was known as al-Khowarazmi, meaning "the man from Khwarazm." (In a similar way, Leonardo da Vinci was actually Leonard, a man from the town of Vinci). Around the year 825 al-Khowarazmi wrote an arithmetic book explaining how to use the Hindu-Arabic numerals. That book was later translated for  [.....]


May 25th 2010

I’ve discovered the joys of RSS feeds yesterday. Thanks -again- to the incredible people at Wordpress it’s very easy to subscribe to my blog. I’m a Google lover as well as a Wordpress devotee, so I checked the way Google handles RSS feeds. If you know all about this, just add   http://www.visual-art-research.com to your Google Reader. If you are a novice, like me, this is the way to go: At your Google page, check ‘more’ and click on ‘reader’ In reader, click ‘add a subscription’  then copy-paste  http://www.visual-art-research.com in the  [.....]

In contact with the wall

October 25th 2010

Visited Pisa's leaning tower first, of course. Climbing its stairs had a strange effect on the sense I have learned to  call proprioception: the sense that keeps track of where the body parts are.  One goes round and round on stairs that are slightly off the horizontal. Since there are  no reference points for the eyes, this makes for the same dizzy-making sense of unease that the work of Carsten Holler at Boijmans had: an uneasyness caused by body and mind being just a little  [.....]