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New pattern

Anker workshop 07

August 21st 2014

Did a workshop last Tuesday with the leaders of Het Anker, a church group in my home town Zaltbommel. It was an experimental setup trying out the idea of  'thinking with one's hands' - accessing other parts of the brain while having a group discussion about the  church community and its future.   I taught the group the  techniques of yarn making, knitting and crochet-ing, and colleague  Lenneke Licht facilitated the discussion. It was a succesful experiment, rather  - lots of energy and perseverance present. I especially liked the part  [.....]

Pump, or drown

kussens stapel. kl

August 23rd 2013

Windmill cushions have taken their final shape today. I used cotton fabric and square shapes for the man-made parts of the little landscapes on top: fields, polders, windmills. And I used felt and sinuous shapes for the natural elements: rain, puddles of water, waterways, giant waves that will flood us eventually. Some areas of the tops turned out to be major mind benders -  it turned out to be very difficult to make patterned fabric and single-coloured fabric work side by side. Example: the way the  [.....]


Leendert Blok 02

April 11th 2014

More tulip pics by Leendert Blok - very early form of color photography. It's not easy to photograph tulips, and having digital photography as a tool makes it more difficult still - every picture one takes could have been that slightly different one, and better for being different, maybe. With the older techniques, the thing was as  it was, and marvellous just because  colors on a photo were a marvel in themselves. I'm engaged in photographing all tulips in my garden - did I mention I have 17 different  [.....]

Labyrinth [2]


October 26th 2011

And yet more labyrinths - the atmosphere here is somewhat poetic. Is this a world one can enter into? Just shadows on a wall ...  [.....]