If you don't write it down, it never happened

Seeds of community sown by Aldo van Eyck

January 2nd 2010

Aldo van Eyck (1918-1999) is the famous architect that designed the 'Burgerweeshuis'  in Amsterdam. Less well known, but very much part of his oeuvre, are the playgrounds he designed between 1947 and 1978 for the city of Amsterdam. They illustrate his vision on the way urban space is to be used, creating zones for play in marginal areas, integrating existing elements like walls and window patterns. These playgrounds became, by force of number and clarity of design, important elements in the urban fabric. Almost everyone who - like  [.....]

Painting as a pastime

August 9th 2010

When I finished 'Rembrandt's eyes' I took up the biography of another famous painter: Winston Churchill. Written by Roy Jenkins – british politician and writer -  it deals primarily with Churchil's parliamentary career and his life as an author.  I am skipping the boring bits - after all, I am on holiday. Some snippets about how Churchill happened to become a painter, and what the effect of painting was on him. A quote from page 279: "one weekend in June, while he was still disorientated by his sudden  [.....]


January 15th 2017

And another travel journal done! The one below is the Australian one - book title is 'Australia in a Backpack'. Dolf de Vries wasn't my favourite writer- he is so very visible in his own book. Anyway, I had fun doodling over his text, as the images below will show.  [.....]

Another move

July 2nd 2010

Did another move action yesterday: masters students relocated to the Asch van Wijckkade, as the school at IBB closes down for the summer. Very nice space we've got - much bigger, nice location, beautiful light. We'll do the dividing-up-thing today, hope no blood will flow. Will watch the Brazil-Holland soccer and have dinner afterwards with the survivors. So: new lab facilities for visual-art-research.com! This space is really posh -  need to think of a way to take advantage of  this. Also for the first time I can  [.....]