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Food for thought

September 29th 2010

Made another self portrait today (mis)using an Arnold Newman portrait  of Picasso at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It (the picture) made me think of an Escher drawing that has been on my mind. Escher did a drawing of a hand with a ball, see my blog written in august.  Picasso's eye is this ball in reverse: the ball mirrors the light, Picasso's eye absorbes it. I did a number of self-portraits earlier based on the Escher drawing, so now I did one based on this  [.....]

Eggs interface

May 25th 2010

Found a good post today about play as an important element in web design, check this post at User Interface Engineering. Playfulness harnassed to the engines of commerce. I like the examples but dislike the principe. A quote: "These elements of play aren't happening by accident. They are part of who we are as humans. We are a naturally curious species, whe often enjoy a good challenge. Designers can leverage our traits and desires to encourage behavioral changes." "CoffeeCup uses the principles of challenge and curiosity to  [.....]

Van Eyck at Bertelmanplein

April 5th 2010

Doing a spot of research on  Aldo van Eyck's  playgrounds in Amsterdam (check my earlier blog for more info on van Eyck). The little girl and me visited a couple of playgrounds  yesterday - rainy Easter sunday - and did some work. I upload pics from the book "The Playgrounds and the City"  here - those pics in black and white. The colour ones I made, assisted by my play expert. We took a couple of boxes of coloured crayons and had fun with those. The pics  [.....]


August 24th 2017

Haven't blogged for a while, thanks to a sooo-lovely holiday in the south of France and to a hectic two weeks leading up to the opening of HedenHaags - the exhibition about the city of The Hague in Museum The Mesdag Collection that I've been involved in. Today is opening day, and it is glorious. Press opening was this morning, and we had press, and they were impressed (sorry, no help for the pun) On the image below are HedenHaag's curators Inge Hordijk  and Sanne  [.....]