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Straatnieuws in print!

June 4th 2010

Today the June edition of  'Straatnieuws' was printed, and I went to their offices in Utrecht to get my copies. A really really good day - lots of sunshine, too! I got 300 copies of the paper, looking good in the boot of my car. The guy on the front page (and yes, he does have a head) is Dutch writer A.L. Snijders, champion of the ultra-short story.  In an amusing interview in the paper he explains about his stories:  "the authenticity of an USS resides  [.....]

Peer reviews

December 11th 2009

We were tutored by Jeremiah Day this week. He taught us how to do peer reviews of our work. Which was great - if exhausting - to do and will help us get more out of being a group of artists.  He has a quirky sense of humor which made our sessions very lively - hope we can persuade Henk to have him come back and do a session like this again. Jeremiah took us to the show he curated at SMBA, which was interesting, then proceeded to demonstrate to  [.....]

Art being made

June 18th 2010

This is Mika Hannula with a couple of us  students at Hoog Catharijne, the site at which Mika invited us to do an intervention. Mine has already been done, check here. Yesterday it was Laura Pardo and Paul Buchanan doing try-outs. A difficult site to make a dent in, this Hoog Catharijne is. Laura did a 7-wonders-of-the-world versus 7-wonders-of-Hoog-Catharijne tour. She had difficulties covering enough ground, also making herself heard over the daily din wasn't easy. Paul obstructed traffic on the stairs leading up to the  [.....]


February 1st 2011

Found a great resource the other day on Flickr - it is the photostream of a guy named Ed Jansen. Don't know him at all, found him by accident when looking for a picture on the 'net. He goes to exhibitions fairly frequently and has great pics - grabbed a Flickr page of his and put it below as an example. I intend to follow him for a while, will be instructive to figure out why I find his photo's so good.  [.....]