If you don't write it down, it never happened

Street News

May 2nd 2010

I am contacting 'Straatnieuws'  ('Street News) , a monthly Utrecht newspaper sold by homeless people to generate a little income. Hope to interest them in my Hoog Catherijne project. I like their approach and would love to see my intervention at Jaarbeursplein come back to the street via their  newspaper. To inform them of my plans I wrote a press release - a first for me.  It is - of course - in Dutch, will give the translated version here: Playing  the City Artist critical about Hoog Catherijne  [.....]


October 1st 2013

Cut two more bags of T-shirts just now - promised myself this blogging as a reward. Picture shows the !!!stack!!! of Galaxy stars now residing in my studio, we reached our goal of 50 stars early. Isn't that great? Each and every T-shirt that went into the making of them passed my hands at least twice - an estimated 50 x 25 is 1250 shirts that I collected and pre-cut. Fortunately Eveline drummed up a lot of helping hands. Even so, quite a number of  [.....]

To be continued

June 8th 2015

For the record: the app that is part of the Heaven and Earth exhibition is now officially finished. One can speeddate with religion from the exhibition's website or from its facebook page, and from this blog by clicking on an image. Making the app was a time-consuming but very rewarding exercise. Am now thinking about making a what-kind-of-art-person-are-you app, also based on images to be sorted. To be continued!  [.....]

Once a circle closes, there is no return

May 28th 2012

Tried to get through ´The Coasts of Bohemia - a Czech History´ by Derek Sayer yesterday. If  ´Love and Peace´ is a glowing tribute to Czech nationhood, Sayers earnestly tries to deconstruct the notion that there is such a thing as a Chech people united.  The book boasts 322 pages of close print, plus more than one hundred pages of notes that are printed even smaller. I gave up at a shame-making early stage, mainly because Sayer writes for an in-crowd that I don´t belong  [.....]