If you don't write it down, it never happened


December 28th 2017

Precious Plastics - I have been roped into the movement started by Dave Hakkens, graduate of the famous Design Academy in Eindhoven. A nephew with more time than money made me an offer I could not refuse - me having more money than time ....  he is now building the machines shown below.  So exiting!  I have re-connected with Eveline (we did a few projects together) to start thinking about applications. For example: clean up an neighborhood with a community group, and use the plastic that  [.....]


October 24th 2010

Gentleman above listens to the name of Garibaldi - I've just arrived in Pisa, of leaning-tower fame, and had my first icecream on Garibaldi Square. Boy, these icecreams are good! I'm on holiday - long overdue - with the eldest girl.  Note that  I clocked Kopenhagen, Berlin and now Pisa in short order: all part of the effort to pay back the family for their patience and forbearance in my MaHKU days. Art school days are over - a fact brought home to me when I  [.....]


May 1st 2011

    This cartoon - taken from my daily newspaper on Queen's day - visualises the humor of the Dutch situation, where the consent of the governed does battle with the divine right of kings. There is the queen, as always glued into a too-large hat and seconded by the Family Members on duty. Then there is us, the people. We are the ones wearing the crown(s )- inflatable ones to fit the occasion, underscoring Debord's notions on the society of the spectacle. For this is what the monarchy has become: a spectacle. Underscoring this are the  [.....]


February 1st 2011

Found a great resource the other day on Flickr - it is the photostream of a guy named Ed Jansen. Don't know him at all, found him by accident when looking for a picture on the 'net. He goes to exhibitions fairly frequently and has great pics - grabbed a Flickr page of his and put it below as an example. I intend to follow him for a while, will be instructive to figure out why I find his photo's so good.  [.....]