If you don't write it down, it never happened



August 18th 2010

Working on the installation that I want to present to the examiners next week: Experiment no. 005 in a new setting and with new features, I blogged about this before. Yesterday I finished painting the walls an appropriate shade of grey, it looks very distinguished. The right-hand man and I also installed the tv's and camera's, was really pleased with the result! Got something I didn't expect - the plinths come across on the TV screen like lines on a playing field. Looking  like a  [.....]

Lost & found

Everdien Breken IBB 4 juni 2010 02

June 4th 2010

Left my camera at IBB the other day, and missed the little thing very much!  Made me realise how much I have come to depend on it.  I usually select a picture before I start writing. No pics, no writing - a sorry state of affairs. My external memory has become important to me! Fortunately Leo found it in our classroom and deposited it at the concierge's little cubicle. Where I went to get it first thing in the morning. So here it is again -  [.....]

Test test test

sound recording studio

April 7th 2015

Created a sound recording setup in my studio today. Thanks to the Young Intern -who is good with knots and stuff because she's into Scouting - all it took were a clothes line, a bit of patience and a number of old blankets.  We managed to make a space where echoing is at a minimum. Then there was a bit of waiting until the mike was delivered. Then there was the hassle of connecting the just-in-time-delivered mike. To think I never knew USB ports came in sorts and sizes   [.....]

Memory RSS-ed


May 24th 2010

Worked on my professional profile today. I have to integrate my two personae somehow: project manager and artist.  Doing projects is one  common ground - me using Internet technology in both worlds is another. The result displays at www.everdienbreken.org. Also the gateway to the research- essay - cum-game that I have been neglecting shamefully these last few weeks due to the 'Straatnieuws' challenge. Found some interesting RSS feeds to liven www.everdienbreken.org up a bit. There happens to be a 'girl guide to project managment' by blogger  [.....]