If you don't write it down, it never happened

Janskerkhof Street Game

June 9th 2010

This is  the first street game that Ilvy Nijokiktien photographed, a try-out for the Jaarbeursplein street game.  [.....]


September 19th 2016

I planned my visit to Museum Voorlinden a few weeks in advance, so I had time to go to the library and take out some books on Piet Oudolf, who did the spectacular borders around the new museum building. He's very much Dutch Wave and a garden designer of international repute, known for his designs for the High Line in New York City and the Millennium Park in Chicago. The book I liked best is Oudolf Hummelo by Noel Kingsbury. The book's title seems to be a pun on Boerhaave, Europa.  [.....]

What is art for

June 23rd 2014

Just what is art for? I have a book on my reading list titled but is it art. Before reading it, just some random thoughts: 1. a new window on reality 2. give alternative versions of existence 3. extrapolation of developments of today 4. utopia's and distopia's 5. just something nice to hang on a wall 6. beauty 7. path to higher things 8. value both monetary and in the sense of ethical values 9. visual riddle 10. a class thing - underline class differences 11. for the heck of it    [.....]

Ariadne the Minoan priestess

November 14th 2009

Many thanks to the Google people!  Google books enables me to find and  read a lot of source material. Such as the book 'The Knossos Labyrinth'  by Rodney Castleden.  Quote page 175: "Ariadne, daughter of King Minos, may have been an historical figure, perhaps a priestess of the goddess Potnia. Her position as a priestess would explain her intimate knowledge of the winding passages of the Labyrinth"  "The princess Ariadne, at once Minos' daughter and Theseus' lover, is the mystic, mysterious, feminine heart of Minoan civilisation. She is  [.....]