If you don't write it down, it never happened

More is more

August 1st 2018

Did I mention being on holiday? Well, I am. We're spending one week in the mountains south of Lake Geneva, in a chalet with a world-class view over the mountain range toward said lake. Swimming, walking, sight-seeing (Mont Blanc, stunning!), reading, eating good food and sleeping a minimum of 10 hours a night. Must have been due some R&R .....  The above is an image taken at the lakeside, where a number of villages have competed for the appelation 'village fleuri' - a competition that has  [.....]


August 4th 2014

Been on holiday - lots of sun, wind and water. With art cropping up in unexpected places. The above is taken in Brighton, where we visited the Pavillion. If the building indicates the man, George IV must have been expensive and showy and structurally un-sound. And yes - that is a very shallow opinion indeed. To counteract this I've just ordered 'Prinny and his pals' , which book - in spite of its title - promises to show him to be to be one of the most enlightened monarchs England  [.....]

Half a circle

August 27th 2011

Working on my circle drawings. Yesterday, I sandpapered the layers and layers of paper I glued on board, so that the  circles I put under it all became visible again. Sometimes the paper does not glue: find out why. The idea of using part of a circle does work -   mind filling in the rest.  Loes, thanks  for the suggestion!  [.....]


September 8th 2015

 Moved our exhibition to Ammerzoden - and yes, I did drive the car plus trailer. Major crisis moment when I had to navigate the trailer through a somewhat tight bend, another when I had to back up. But I managed! I now bask in the glory of having done something I find really really scary - and survived. On a world scale, this may not count for much, but on my private scale it is major!  [.....]