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tulpen april 2017 03 07

April 9th 2017

Had an extremely fruitful meeting with a sub-group of the dKvhT people today, then went to celebrate a friends birthday, then came home to find much beauty to be photographed. This botanical tulip is named 'Little Beauty' - a trite name, but much can be forgiven a tulip that is so very interesting. So I made a zillion photographs, then pruned my crop hard, and below are the ones I like best. This vivid magenta is a difficult color to do justice to, it's either  [.....]

Stigma checked

Tulip decline 06

April 7th 2013

Managed to patch together a series of a tulip in its decline, from the pictures I've been taking the last couple of days. Tulips are not much to look at in real life - the housewife in me wants to throw them out. Properly photographed and worked over, I'm fascinated by the monumental shapes I see, getting more interesting as decay goes on. Petals just ornamentation, stigma and stymen coming to the fore.  [That's what the reproductive organs of flowers are called, in english. I  [.....]

Random particles

random posts

June 23rd 2014

I  started my working day today trying to find a  fix for the Wordpress  'no featured image' problem - and when I found a ready-made solution for this problem I decided I had time to do a small project I've had in mind for a while: build me a Random Post page. From scratch! To generate such a page dynamically I have to mix PHP and HTML, and to do so proper syntax is of the essence. And perseverance, and an eye for detail. Fortunately, this all came together today. As  [.....]

The road one was looking for

horizonnen baak

March 10th 2013

There is this poem I found, about horizons and lines and dots, a land surveyors poem really. It is in dutch, see if I can produce a translation. Afdwalende gedachten (tijdens een vergadering) Sloop die flatgebouwen en je ziet de horizon. De echte horizon echter is geen lijn maar een ring. (Kijk maar om je heen.) Voor lange mensen ligt de horizon verder weg dan voor korte. (Leven zij dus in een grotere wereld misschien?) Als je met een raket de aarde verlaat wordt de ring steeds wijder totdat hij gelijk wordt  [.....]