If you don't write it down, it never happened


April 9th 2017

Tulipa Tarda is an in-your-face flower - it is hard to believe that this flower is what nature intended . Would make more sense indeed if their shape were taken off a childs drawing, then colored in by an artist. I took pics of Tarda's  at the very ends of their lives - less in-your-faceness, more contortions. More interesting, I think. Idea: a catalogue of tulips past their prime? Catalogues at present are garish.  [.....]

Van Eyck at Bertelmanplein

April 5th 2010

Doing a spot of research on  Aldo van Eyck's  playgrounds in Amsterdam (check my earlier blog for more info on van Eyck). The little girl and me visited a couple of playgrounds  yesterday - rainy Easter sunday - and did some work. I upload pics from the book "The Playgrounds and the City"  here - those pics in black and white. The colour ones I made, assisted by my play expert. We took a couple of boxes of coloured crayons and had fun with those. The pics  [.....]

They have a nerve ….

November 13th 2011

This is the defining image for the 7th Berlin Biennale - they have a nerve! What they don't have is time to respond to the project proposal I sent them. It was sent in januari, and apart from an auto-respond email I never heard from them again for months. Sent a few lines a couple of days ago complaining about this lack of news. The reply was 'so many entries - please be patient'.  They seem to be  intent on calling up the ghosts of  [.....]


January 16th 2011

Worked on the Hide Me shapes some more - a friend offered to print the cut-out on a larger scale, on plastic. Thank you Bert!  He printed two sizes so I could experiment some. The smaller size that I did first worked fine First pic shows how big it was printed, my hand in it for scale. Reminds me of when I I did hands before, check here. Plastic is glue-able and staple-able. It folds nice, too. It becomes translucent when wet - this has possibilities  [.....]