If you don't write it down, it never happened

Code is poetry


January 20th 2012

  I'm doing the software thing again - it is so interesting ! I combine Flickr API stuff with  PHP programming and I am slowly unraveling their mysteries. "Code is poetry" - I think the wordpress people  have it right. I managed a simple 'call by tag' function that calls Flickr pictures. I managed to convert  the picture to binary, which shows when you hover the mouse over the picture. I'm putting this function under the  'Test' tab - it can be played with  if and  [.....]

A little different

Everdien Breken MaHKU essay memory game

June 22nd 2010

There was a bug in my memory-game-cum-essay that really bothered me. The counter for the number of pairs that were found counted faster - sometimes - than the real number of pairs being found. This did not happen all the time, but at unexpected and unexplainable moments. This really bugged me. I played the game over and over and over again to try and pinpoint the moment when things would start to go wrong. Yesterday I found it: it happened when one had just found a  [.....]

Somatic knowledge and the body as a ‘slow mind’


November 13th 2009

Gave the platform for exp.003/2009 a first coat of paint today. Choosing the color was difficult. I wanted violet at first, being the color of exploration, but this was too sad. Chose a yellow with a tinge of green, as this is energetic and jumps at you from a grey background. When the platform is finished, I will hang a microphone over it.  Then you will be able to store your thoughts and memories in your body by saying them aloud, because your voice translates to  [.....]


google reader

May 25th 2010

I’ve discovered the joys of RSS feeds yesterday. Thanks -again- to the incredible people at Wordpress it’s very easy to subscribe to my blog. I’m a Google lover as well as a Wordpress devotee, so I checked the way Google handles RSS feeds. If you know all about this, just add   http://www.visual-art-research.com to your Google Reader. If you are a novice, like me, this is the way to go: At your Google page, check ‘more’ and click on ‘reader’ In reader, click ‘add a subscription’  then copy-paste  http://www.visual-art-research.com in the  [.....]