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Hit the spot

July 11th 2015

Had the opening ceremony for Hemel en aarde tussen de rivieren this morning.  Our exhibition is presented as part of a triptich named Wat mij heilig is - inspired art in the Sint Maartens-church. Also on show are icons and paintings inspired by saints. For our show, it all came together: listening chairs, touch-screen, cloothy trees, posters . We drew quite a crowd! Pic is Pastor Alphonse Tshuma posing with his poster. Pic below is one of the readers in a listening chair, listening to the sound of her own  [.....]


January 19th 2016

This is Pretoria Zoo - I went there the day after seeing zebra in the wild - quite a contrast. In the background is the CBD, the Central Business District that could have been the heart of Pretoria, but has become a danger zone. The whole concept of public space is different here - houses are walled and gated, and the streets are not to be walked in. City is more a network of specific destinations than a whole that hangs together and can be sampled  [.....]

Tweet: This is Galaxy being sprayed with flame retardant….

October 6th 2013

This is Galaxy being sprayed with flame retardant. A must-do for the show at Atrium end of Oct. http://t.co/q8f6wUWjXM Receipe for flame retardant from http://www.ehow.com/how_7833023_homemade-fire-retardant-chemicals.html Hey: I figured out how to post my Tweets (=new hobby) to my blog. Thanks be given to the developers of Social and Twitter Tools plugins! Now I need to figure out a way to grab the Twitter image and do some Timthumb magic on it ... Later: figured out a way. It's manual, though .....  Need to rethink my strategy vs the Twitter  [.....]


July 29th 2017

It is no wonder that water, stone and then plants are the inspiration for gardeners here. We did the Route des Cretes between Cassis and La Ciotad, a serpentine road with stunning views. Then went to Parc du Mogul, which has a pretty beach and picknick area. As a garden it is a little underwhelming - must be better in spring when there are more flowers. Anyway, we had a good time then serpentined our way back to Apt.  [.....]