If you don't write it down, it never happened

The Unwanted Land

December 18th 2010

Met with a couple of my MaHKU classmates this week at exhibition/work in progress/performance The Unwanted Land. Tiong Ang - whe know him from MaHKU - is one of six artists creating an environment/installation, reflecting on issues of migration and identity at museum Beelden aan Zee in the Hague.  This museum has opened its doors to experimentation - quite something for they are usually doing very traditional stuff. Fixed and finished statues that one can walk around and admire at leasure are more their style. So I  [.....]

Galaxy Tryout

October 15th 2013

Great tryout at Atrium the day before yesterday. No time to really blog, so pictures as a first impression:      [.....]


July 6th 2015

One more peony - hard to decide which picture I like best. Think it will be the first one of the series - like the stance and the color.  [.....]

Consult the Genius of the place

October 24th 2009

What I nice crop of cars I grew!  What do I want with this space, a space that proclaims to the world 'I am a parking lot'.  What I want to do is change my - and other peoples - perception of this space. In Mika Hannula's terms: I want to make this space into a place.  I will appropriate  this space because I need room to experiment. But how much will this space allow,  how much am I entitled to do here? I will put a few quotes  [.....]