Essay cum game

memory game copyAnother milestone:  after a long and productive day spent writing, my essay text is done! Had some great input from Ricardo Basbaum, whom I have interviewed by email. The writing went so well I spent more than 12 hrs behind my computer – interrupted by the daily family business, of course.

Discussed the essay’s being also a game – and the effects of it’s being a game – with Henk Slager today.  He’s very pleased with the whole thing, which is nice to hear. Text writing has become so much easier for me now that I can do it blog-style. As I’ve had lots of practice doing blog writing, it is great to be able to turn that to advantage.

I’ve also found out why the game doesn’t run under Firefox. Not to be to technical about it: it is no mistake or bug in my code. The good people that coded Firefox just forgot to put the [document.images ] function in their browser software – all the other browsers have it, they don’t.  For me, that’s it – not going to try and find a Firefox workaround. 

These things taken together encouraged me to take away ‘tryout version’ from the game. It is there  for real now ! I’ll be doing some rewriting, but the bulk of the work is done. This feels strange, by the way.

Now I will be able to concentrate my energy on making my ball-room-game at our new location at AWK.  Had something of a turf fight with another student, but will get the  room I need. It’s going to be so great to have a ‘room of my own’ (a condition Virginia Woolf highly recommended) . I’ve always shared my atelier spaces up till now.  This time I can set up my camera’s and TV sets and all just the way I like them, without interruptions, and really try out different settings, cool!

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