Another move

Everdien Breken Moved from IBB to AWKDid another move action yesterday: masters students relocated to the Asch van Wijckkade, as the school at IBB closes down for the summer. Very nice space we’ve got – much bigger, nice location, beautiful light. We’ll do the dividing-up-thing today, hope no blood will flow. Will watch the Brazil-Holland soccer and have dinner afterwards with the survivors.

So: new lab facilities for!

This space is really posh –  need to think of a way to take advantage of  this. Also for the first time I can really install, without the need to share the space or move things in and out very quickly. Am working on a series of balls of different sizes, textures and springy-ness to use in the installation I have in mind.

Everdien Breken Moved from IBB to AWK 02

Everdien Breken Moved from IBB to AWK 03

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